Muchas gracias! “With a name like ‘Lane Roache’, you can imagine how often Miss Lane was teased. Thanks thousands of times! Ciao Albertina, benvenuta su questo forum! Please do not distribute any part of the translated story here without our express written permission. The taste of marshmallows roasted in the hearth. Dans tout ce que je suis et ne suis pas, depuis votre départ .. Es así ¿y qué puedo hacer? Writing this name on the white stationery paper triggers a warm surge of emotion in my chest, and I lay down the pen. I remember Miss Lane – the one who decided on the name “Slim” – saying this with a touch of sadness in her voice. | Beautiful Illusion, Response on “Candy Candy: Final Story” prologue and notes about translation | Self Taught Japanese, CCFS : une traduction anglaise impartiale ? I’ve just finished the novel “Candy Candy Final Story” by Keiko Nagita, and when I discovered there was no official English translation (and no unofficial one I could find), I realized it was the perfect opportunity for me to try my hand at translation. Instead of “Iriza Legan” in the italian version, it’s “Eliza Lagan”. After reading the CCFS, I needed to know how Candy and Terry found their ways back to each other. Ever since I knew about the novel version, I have been hoping that translations will be made available for non Japanese speakers. I am not sure what “Orange link” you are referring to but the only Candy Candy I have read is the Japanese novel for which I have the actual physical books I bought in a Kinokuniya bookstore. Candy acercó su cara al vidrio de la ventana, pronto fue sorprendida y alejó su cuerpo de ella. PD. Combien de temps vous n’êtes pas avec moi, He aprendido el español al colegio y he passado muchos años mis vacaciones en España. Once we were fast asleep, the children would probably sneak outside and build a giant snowman, hoping to surprise us in the morning. 3) Do not cut and paste any portion of my translation However, based on the things that happened after that I think “completely” may still be a better choice. Anyway, one thing I’d like to point out is that you have translated 大きく to “completely” (the day Candy’s life changed, the day Annie was adopted, etc.) Italian Candy Candy Mangas ... awwwwwwwfffuuulllllllll no wonder the Italians overall don't like this story arc. Candy Candy Final Story. Fan created manga of CCFS's final scene in Spanish. découvrir vous-même (révéler) Of course I’m interested! Merci pour ce travail titanesque. Also, the correct surname and spelling of Albert is “Ardlay”, not Ardley, Andrew, or Andrei. After the CCFS, I was unable to tell this story in any style other than to follow Mizuki’s. Pingback: Granduncle William (!) I don’t suppose Annie’s adoption is what caused you to have chosen “completely” over “significantly”…. Many thanks for sharing your great job with us! For starters I did the book’s prologue which lasts only a few pages, but I gave it a serious effort with several iterations of editing to polish it as much as possible. Si al fin sé…cuanto te amo. Thank you for your permission. Pony’s house, as we always called it, is very far from here. errance coeur, libre, imparable … essayez de vous ignorer et sont là juste pour échapper à un souffle de vent du sud, Avril …. Believe me, I’m not exaggerating. Annie, Tom, and I would wait for enough snow to fall, late into the night. Concernant la théorie de Ms Puddle c’est effectivement renversant et elle n’a pas fini de nous surprendre. Read this post for details why: This was an extremely fun process, and I learned so much in doing it that I’m eager to find what to work on next. “With a name like ‘Lane Roache’, you can imagine how often Miss Lane was teased. Thank you very much for the nice comment. They seemed to dance on the page, reminiscent of her warm smile. I am fine with you linking to it, but please don’t translate it to another language. Anohito. Chapitre 30 : Au pays de Candy, la vie est une ronde ... billet CCFS une traduction anglaise impartiale ? Cherish chaque instant goulûment il est allé, Saborear un nosotros Candy Candy Final Story (first book): Chapter 1, Part 2 (by Nagita Keiko) – Unofficial translation – Once Candy ran up to the top of the Pony’s hill, she collapsed with a thud into the thick grass. Slim ended up in a life where art had no place – something the Sisters deeply regretted. Chapitre 10 : amour, scrupules et dignité, Chapitre 17 : le monde est plein de surprises…, Chapitre 18 : retrouvailles et convalescence, Chapitre 3 : Visite à Lakewood, la mémoire d’Anthony, Chapitre 4 : Visite à Lakewood, la baignade. Pingback: Japanese story translation: Shuusaku Endo’s “The man who shared my face” | Self Taught Japanese, Pingback: Unbiased CCFS translation. Thank you for the time and efford you have put in this translation. I just can hear your voice saying this, so I’ll include a message from Miss Pony. Il en est ainsi et que puis-je faire? Capítulos. It’s as if at any moment, the wooden door will open with a creak, mischievous Tom bolting out with Miss Lane close behind. I’ve never hated this distance more than I do now, spanning a vast ocean. Please let me know when you finish with the new chapter. Je ne comprends pas le texte mais les images parlent d’elles-mêmes et me donnent la sensation que cette vidéo pourrait illustrer le 1er chapitre de ma fic « Un amour dans la tourmente ». ... Candy Candy Final Story (Japanease... by Mizukifans. My love had placed it so it could be seen from anywhere in the house. Antlay, bonjour comment allez-vous Candy White Ardlay. You can see the post here: Mumbling her name, I couldn’t help but smile. Buttercups and white clovers covered Pony’s hill. Also, if you don’t mind please don’t quote any of the translation since there is a chance I would change it in the future. Thanks for the nice comment, glad you enjoyed it! Miss Lane passes me a cup of steaming cocoa. Please keep this with you wherever you go. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Depuis combien de temps je ne laisse pas le sentiment parcourir libre ma peau ? By AtsukiSeiko Watch. Choose a language; Canada ... for a Thinner Candy Option. “After all these years, you haven’t changed a bit, Candy!”. That allows the buyer to have their own interpretation, a little like a certain book we all know. Candy puso suavemente un dedo sobre sus labios. Su cara se había reflejado en el oscuro vidrio de la ventana. I’ll do all those things you recommend. It’s common in an art work that artist giving number to their work. I hope you’re translating this to the end. Fanfics. For some time I had been considering sending it to the Mothers (? Great work, I really appreciate your translations and I’ll share a link on my own blog. Japanese slang word: yabai (やばい)- when things get dangerous, Japanese Particle combination では (de wa) and じゃ (ja), Japanese word nuances: 美味しい (oishii) vs. 美味い (umai)…, The Japanese volitional form (~しよう、〜しましょう): much…, Different ways to express “Again” in Japanese, Japanese phrase 〜として (~toshite) [including としても and としては], そろそろ (sorosoro) – an extremely useful Japanese phrase, Japanese Vocabulary list: computer science and…, Articles on learning Japanese, culture, and media reviews (manga, novels, etc.) I’m sure that Slim and the others are somewhere in the picture too. Inicio. Un amour dans la tourmente! “That boy… I always wanted to teach him to draw.”., Chapitre 30 : Au pays de Candy, la vie est une ronde éternelle…, Peculiar RelationshipPeculiar Relationship, Il y a quelques temps je vous avais parlé d’une traduction non officielle de l’histoire finale de Candy Candy réalisée par L, Deuxième chose, je vous recommande particulièrement de lire la série d’articles qu’a publié Ms Pudddle, elle a une théorie stupéfiante concernant la brève note qu’a envoyée Terry à Candy, c’est la meilleure hypothèse et explication que j’ai lue jusqu’à présent, je vous laisse le découvrir par vous-même, la série commence ici, Pour terminer une petite vidéo sur Albert et Candy réalisée pour la GF 2016. If you are studying Japanese and think you might enjoy this book, please consider buying the original work here and here. The word was that he got adopted by a blacksmith in a distant city. One-shot. [EMAIL CONTACT: selftaughtjapanese -at-],, Japanese story translation: Shuusaku Endo’s “The man who shared my face” | Self Taught Japanese, Unbiased CCFS translation. By no means my translation of this chapter is a ffinished product and is always open to modification. Cuando reencontremos lo que fuimos by CeShIrE. Si finalement je sais … combien Je t’aime. Pony. Hello Isabelle. … and send my prayers along with the letters I wrote to Miss Pony, day after day. , you’re not just saying that to put me at ease?”, I just can hear your voice saying this, so I’ll include a message from. Slim was half Caucasian and half African American, with grey eyes that reflected an inner sadness. I’m working on translating another short story now and am considering some other things for my next translation, but I still will consider doing more Candy Candy in the future. J’essayai de t’ignorer et tu es ici, seulement pour fuir en un souffle de vent du sud d’avril… This is a sequel to the Candy Candy Final Story (CCFS) published in 2010. ... Por siempre y para siempre...aunque en papel no esté escrito con nombre y apellido. Any violation is a violation of Wattpad policy and we will take all appropriate action against the violator. I stood up from my desk and slowly approached the cabinet. When I had returned to Pony’s house, Slim was no longer there. “Maybe Slim cries every evening because he remembers being abandoned as a newborn at this same time of day?”. Candy and Terry - Final Story. And the one belong in Candy’s living room was his tenth (canvas) painting. Your work here has confirmed the hints are totally fine. Reply. candy sta morendo su facebook,3 parte secondo volume in FS,Il fiume Arno,La lettera di Annie,Adozione di Candy,Acqua,Coraggio e spirito di sacrificio Candy Candy » Candy Candy Final Story P.D. Thanks for the comment and good to know there are more fans interested in my CCFS translations (: Also, you are right that “significantly” is literally closer to 大きく. Really appreciate it , I’ve translated a few more pages of “Candy Candy: Final Story” in case you are interested. Still, I can’t help but feel that Slim had painted the picture especially for me. At an undefined time, Candy receives a note signed with the initials "T.G.". Final Story. Thank you again! Miss Pony, now smiling at me. Merci pour l’info concernant la suite de la traduction de CCFS en anglais, c’est une bonne nouvelle d’apprendre que Locksleyu a décidé de continuer à la traduire. Make sure you identify the original author clearly. It’s so good to learn more about her, I’m so glad! All of us are within in it. Excellente semaine son amie, Vera, Muchas gracias por el cumplido pero no hablo español suficientemento bien. Terry Grandchester. With a fine, delicate touch, Slim was the only person who could paint Pony’s house in a way so real that you felt you were almost there. CANDY CANDY INTRO digitally re-mastered. Bravo locksleyu!! , Pingback: Response on “Candy Candy: Final Story” prologue and notes about translation | Self Taught Japanese, Pingback: CCFS : une traduction anglaise impartiale ? Merci pour ce travail titanesque. I have read other translations, of parts of the CCFS and most of them didn’t make sense to a reader of some knowledge of the english language.

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